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FSBC English Service for July 5th

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FSBC English Congregation Schedule

Sunday Afternoon Services

  • English Service at 12:30PM ET on our website as well as on Social Media, and/or Clermont Radio.
    Go to the FSBC English Service page.
  • Prayer and Fellowship at 1:30PM ET
    Go to the new Prayer and Fellowship page for more information.

Bible Study
Every Monday and Thursday at 7:00PM ET
Details at FSBC’s ZOOM Bible Study page.

Friday Night of Prayer
Every Friday at 7:30PM ET
Details at FSBC’s Night of Prayer page.

FSBC French and Creole Congregation Schedule

  • Sunday Morning Service begins at 9:45AM ET
  • Access Bible Study online with Pastor Chilere St. Victor
    Every Wednesday from 7:00PM to 9:00PM ET
  • Live Audio Church Services
    Every night, except this Wednesday, at 7:00PM ET

Dial 1(205) 825-9984 to listen to any or all of these French/Creole services.

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FSBC on AudioNow

Call and listen to the archived audio streaming at 1(605) 313-0052, 1(641) 793-0177, or click on to the Clermont Radio link.

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